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Top 10 IDEs for Coders

Whatever language you are coding in, it’s always a good thing to use an IDE. IDE stands for integrated development environment. Integrated development environment is just fancy talk for a notepad that is specific to a coding languages. The benefits of using an IDE range from syntax highlighting to being able to compile the source code strait from the IDE itself. However useful an IDE is it could have potential downsides. One downside would be that an IDE could make it so much easier for you to code that you may forget how to do simple things in the language that the IDE takes care of for you. Some old time programmers actually prefer the notepad method rather than using an IDE for that same reason. One thing that all programmers agree on is that an IDE makes it a lot more convenient to code any language and saves a lot of time by taking away the setup of the code and gets you strait to the meat of the coding.


          1. Sublime Text – Although not an IDE, Sublime Text is a multipurpose code editor that can edit virtually any language you want it to and is an ideal choice in editing scripted languages like Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. null


          1. Notepad++ – Just like Sublime Text, Notepad++ is another multipurpose text editor, but is not as advanced as Sublime text, but it still gets the job done.null


          1. RubyMine – For the Ruby programming language you can usually just use a text editor like Sublime Text, but it’s aways nice to have a specific program to edit code in Ruby.null


          1. Netbeans – One of my favorite IDEs.  I consider it one of the best IDEs for Java beginners, it has a lot of features that make it ideal for the Java beginner.null


          1. Eclipse – Eclipse has so many features for more advanced users and usually Eclipse is the go-to IDE for developing Android apps.null


          1. IntelliJ – IntelliJ is made by JetBrains. JetBrains makes some of the best IDEs for a variety of different programming languages.null

C++/C#/Visual Basic

          1. Visual Studio – By far the best IDE if you are looking to code in any language made by Microsoft which includes Visual Basic, C#, and C++.null


          1. PyCharm – Another IDE created by JetBrains with any IDE created by JetBrains PyCharm is as elegant as any.null

IOS Development

          1. Xcode – An IDE made by Apple, it is capable of editing both Objective-C code as well as Swift code.null


        1. AppCode – Yet another IDE made by JetBrains. AppCode is an alternative to Xcode and is meant for Swift Coding.null

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